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Why is SchoolsRule Sonoma County being started?

Sonoma County’s public school students traditionally have been well served by a collection of education foundations that serve single schools, school districts, or combinations of districts. But not every public school student in Sonoma County has a well-resourced education foundation that raises money on their behalf. Many of our smaller or more rural districts lack the robust fundraising mechanisms of our larger, better resourced educational foundations. Additionally, donors who want to ensure their contributions benefit students all across Sonoma County have had no means of meeting that goal. That’s where SchoolsRule Sonoma County comes in. It’s a way for large donors who want to help ALL Sonoma County students to pool their funding so that no child or school is left out.

Contact Us

SchoolsRule Sonoma County

c/o The Sonoma County Office of Education

5340 Skylane Boulevard

Santa Rosa, CA 95403



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